How do I get a Smart meter for my business?

We’ve started a programme to provide a Smart meter for every one of our business customers. We’re currently working our way through the UK. Register your interest and we’ll let you know when you can get yours.

What is a business Smart meter? 

A Smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that shows you how much energy your business is using in kilowatt hours (kWh). It also shares your energy usage directly with us. This saves you the hassle of taking meter readings and means you can wave goodbye to the uncertainty of estimated bills*.

What kit do I need for my Smart meter?

We’ll supply all the standard kit you need at no extra cost. If you get both fuels from us, this includes the following:

A cafe employee in an apron using a tablet device

Smart gas meter

Monitors the gas your business uses and refreshes your display every 30 minutes.

A chef cooking on a gas stove

Smart electricity meter

Records your business electricity usage and refreshes your display every 10 seconds – giving you near real time data.

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Smart Energy Display 

This shows how much energy you’re using in kWh and gives you the chance to see where you could be saving energy and money.

If you only get one of your fuels with us, you'll need to contact your other energy supplier to set you up with a Smart meter for your other fuel type. Why not switch to npower for both fuels, call us or get a quote online.

*All of your bills will be based on your actual usage unless there is a problem collecting a reading.

A Smart energy display

How can Smart meters benefit my business? 

  • See at a glance how much energy your business uses
  • Learn what part of your business uses the most energy (see how your Smart meter display changes as you turn equipment on and off)
  • Manage your budget more effectively by ending the need for estimated bills* and developing more accurate internal forecasts
  • The less energy your business uses, the lower your energy bills will be
  • Cut your energy use and you’ll lower your carbon footprint - doing your bit for the planet

* Unless there’s a problem collecting a reading.

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Meeting the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

Your business is important to us. And that means we want to give you the best levels of service.

Our installation work meets the Ofgem-approved Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).

SMICoP was developed to make sure you receive a high standard of service in all aspects of your Smart meter installation.

The Code of Practice covers:

  • training and accreditation of the meter installers
  • scheduling visits
  • installation and testing of the system
  • demonstrating how to operate your meter
  • communication with you before, during and after installation
  • fault resolution and feedback

We’ll write to you and let you know when we’re ready to install your Smart meter. Please use the contact details included on your installation letter to confirm that the installation date is ok with you.

See the Code of Practice (PDF, 1106KB)

Using your Smart meter to suit your business needs

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With half-hourly meter readings, we can build a detailed picture of your energy use. What’s more, if you’re a Business Solutions customer, you can opt to access this information through online tools, reports and advice designed to help you monitor and budget your energy use.
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Daily meter readings help us to understand your day-to-day energy use and identify patterns such as differences between your weekday and weekend use.
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We will take an automatic reading from your meter at least once a month to make sure your bill is based on your actual usage.