Powerstar Voltage Optimisation

npower Business have partnered with Sheffield based manufacturer, EMSc (UK) Ltd, to offer a new energy saving solution for you.

With an average saving of 12% to 15% on electricity bills, Powerstar Voltage Optimisation (VO) offers a simple way to save money and protect your electrical equipment.

How it works

Powerstar VO technology works by lowering the voltage coming in so that it more closely matches the needs of your electrical equipment, usually 220 volts.

What are the benefits?

  • 100% savings are possible, as per proposal or you will be refunded the difference as a one off payment*
  • Reduce maintainence costs as your equipment will be more efficient. when you use less energy it means less wear and tear
  • Average return on investment of Powerstar is between 2-3 years
  • 15 years warranty and a 50 year lifespan (warranty includes parts and labour but excludes damage due to overloading of the system)
  • Won't affect facilities or services

*In an extremely rare case that savings achieved are less than stated in the proposal, you will be refunded the difference in the form of a one off payment

How do I get Powerstar VO technology?

We'll provide a no obligation site survey to see whether it's suitable, plus we'll send you a breakdown of what you could save over the year. And if you don't see the savings we've outlined, we'll give you the difference back.

To help you here are answers to questions you might have

Q How much does it cost?

A EMSc will give a bespoke price for each site so the cost varies. EMSc can arrange to do a full site survey and price it from there.

Q How long does it take to install?

A Again, the site survey will give EMSc an idea as it depends on the site and type of unit installed.

Q How long will the power be out for during installation?

A About to — 6 hours. To fit in with your working day EMSc can install it at weekends and out of hours to best suit you.

Q How long will the initial meeting take?

A No longer than 30 minutes, a few spot checks will be done to check the incoming voltage.

Q Are there any payment options?

A Yes, EMSc can offer leasing packages with flexible repayments.

Q what is the difference between Powerstar and EMSc (UK) Ltd?

A Powerstar is the product; EMSc (UK) Ltd. is the name of the company.

How could it save me money?

Incoming voltage from the National Grid

Voltage reduced to operating requirement of 220 volts and power quality improved

Power supplied at 220 volts (instead of the average 242 volts)

Prolonged lifespan of equipment and reduced maintenance costs

Reduced electricity bills

Speak to Powerstar today

Get in touch with our Powerstar partner to discuss available options and arrange for a site survey, using the phone number or email address below:

01142 572683

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