Energy monitors

Displaying real-time energy usage data, an energy monitor is a simple way of seeing how much energy your business is using and when it’s using it—information that can help you change your energy usage patterns.

Energy monitors

Simple to install, an energy monitor lets you:

  • Set daily energy-use targets.
  • See, in real time, what happens when you turn lights and appliances on and off.
  • Compare how much energy your business is using from one day to the next.

Your energy monitor comes as part of a complete energy saving kit. Designed to help motivate and educate employees, our energy saving kit includes posters, stickers and leaflets that encourage your staff to become energy champions.

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Other ways to manage your energy costs

On-site energy audit

If your business uses a lot of gas and electricity every year, ask us about arranging an on-site energy audit.

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Want to optimise your energy supply?

Safely reducing the voltage supply that comes into your business premises means your equipment will use less energy.

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