Energy audit

Ready to start saving money on your energy bill? An npower energy audit—carried out either on-site or over the phone—will help you see where most of your energy bill is going, how you could save money, and how npower can help you better manage your energy usage.

Call one of our energy consultants on 0800 975 9805 (view call charge information) to get a free energy audit over the phone. Alternatively you can arrange an on-site audit, which normally costs £240 (including VAT).

What happens during a 10-minute phone energy audit:

  • You’ll talk to one of our expert energy consultants who’ll explain how npower can help your business.
  • They’ll ask you questions about your business and get to know your energy needs a bit more.
  • Then they’ll compile a report of up to 25 energy saving opportunities, which will be emailed to you the following day.

What happens at an on-site energy audit:

  • One of our expert energy saving consultant will visit your business in person.
  • They’ll assess your current energy consumption by looking at your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, electrical equipment, water usage and other sources of energy consumption.
  • After the assessment, you’ll receive an action plan, created specifically for your business. It will detail about eight to ten energy saving measures listed in order of potential impact. Next to each measure you’ll see how much it’s likely to cost you to implement and how much energy you could save as a result helping you to conduct a cost/benefit analysis.

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