Energy saving products to help your business save

Spend less on your energy bill and you’ll free up resources that you can use for growing your business. We’re full of good ideas for using energy wisely and cost-effectively.

Do an energy audit

See what you’re using—and where you could be saving. Ask us to carry out an energy audit for your business, either on-site or by phone.

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More about Smart Meter monitors

Get more accurate bills

With a Smart meter we’ll be able to read your meter remotely and send you accurate bills.

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More about EnergyMiser for fridges

Reduce refrigeration costs

Ideal for retail businesses, an energy miser can reduce the running costs of display refrigerators and non-perishable product chiller cabinets by up to 30% a year.

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Energy monitor

See your real-time energy use

An energy monitor displays your energy usage as you’re using it so you can take action when you see that consumption is high.

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Reduce your voltage supply and save

Reducing the voltage supply that comes into your business premises from 242V to 220V means your equipment will use less energy.

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