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In the current economic climate, when profit margins are tight and businesses need to be as competitive as possible, it's never been more important to trim down your costs.

Because while you're chasing sales, negotiating deals and counting every penny, you're probably spending money on energy you don't need. You'll see that saving energy doesn't take as much effort as you think. Over half of the UK's small and medium sized enterprises could save up to 10% on their energy bills. We've prepared a number of videos and guides which may help your business improve your bottom line.

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Save energy with lighting
Save energy with lighting (YouTube)

Use motion sensors on lights to start saving.

Save energy with heating
Save energy with heating (YouTube)

Turn down your heating by just 1°C for savings.

Save energy with refrigeration
Save energy with refrigeration (YouTube)

Fridges should be free from surrounding clutter.

Engage with staff
Engage with staff (YouTube)

Appoint an energy champion who engages all your staff in changing behaviours.

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Get everyone onboard

Saving money depends on everyone in your business being energy aware. So why not appoint an 'energy champion' who can monitor energy waste, bring it to everyone's attention and work with colleagues to improve the way things are done? If you're an npower customer, our energy advisers can provide you with booklets, stickers and posters to help you encourage everyone in your business to save energy.

Conduct an energy audit

Take regular energy readings so you can monitor exactly how much business electricity and gas you're using - and you can judge the impact of any energy saving measures you put in place. Understanding any changes in your energy consumption over a given time period will help you develop more energy efficient business processes. Why not apply for an energy audit.

Get an energy monitor

Get an energy monitor

npower can provide a free energy monitor for all its small business customers so you can keep track of the energy you're using in real time. To claim your free monitor, call our energy saving advisers on 0800 975 9805* (free from most landlines) or 0330 100 9992* (included in any 'inclusive minutes' from mobiles).

Switch off

Encourage all members of staff to be more energy efficient and switch off lights, computers, printers, phone chargers, air conditioning units, extractor fans, kitchen equipment etc. at the end of the day and especially over the weekend. It sounds obvious, but wander round your business after hours and you could be amazed at how much technology is left switched on - all burning the company's money.

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10 top tips

Action plan for improving energy efficiency for retail outlets.

Download (PDF, 61KB)

Did you know?

Nine 'Did you know?' energy saving myths and assumptions.

Download (PDF, 86KB)

Retail energy efficiency

Information on areas where energy is commonly wasted.

Download (PDF, 501KB)

Energy saving Eco Town 

Energy saving Eco Town

Visit our interactive Eco Town and see how much small businesses like you are saving.

Visit Eco 

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