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Track your usage

If you’re committed to managing your energy consumption, start with an energy audit. After all, you’ll never know how much you’re saving if you don’t know how much you’re using in the first place. We can arrange an energy audit at your business premises.

And ask us if you’re eligible for a free npower energy monitor - it’ll help you track the energy you’re using in real time.

Appoint an energy champion (YouTube)

Managing energy is everybody’s responsibility but putting someone in charge can help get the job done faster.

Appoint an energy champion (YouTube)

Get staff on board (YouTube)

Teamwork can drive savings. Here’s how to encourage your employees to do their part.

Get staff on board (YouTube)

Switch them off

Turning off the light when there’s nobody there is one of the easiest ways to cut energy costs. But if reminding your employees to switch off hasn’t worked, consider installing motion-detector automatic controls. They can be cheap and effective.

An energy monitor can also help your staff see, in real time, what happens to your electricity usage when lights are on and off.

And changing from halogen spotlights to LEDs could save you up to 80% a year. As they generally last longer, you’ll reduce maintenance costs too.

Source: Carbon Trust: Retail Energy Management, February 2006

Motion-activated lights (YouTube)

Motion-activated lights or Motion detector-controlled lights can make a big difference to your energy bill. And they mean you don’t have to rely on your employees remembering to switch them off when they’re not in use.

Motion-activated lights (YouTube)

Energy-efficient light bulbs (YouTube)

Yes, they’re slightly pricier up front. But the savings can make it all worthwhile.

Energy-efficient light bulbs (YouTube)

Make use of daylight (YouTube)

You’ve got the biggest, brightest source of light right outside your window. Make good use of it.

Make use of daylight (YouTube)

Turn down the heat

It may be easier to keep your heating or air-conditioning running full time, but it’s never going to be cost effective. Try to agree on times for switching on and switching off. You may find you need it on less than you think.

Then, make sure your thermostats are set correctly. Changing the set point for heating and cooling by a barely noticeable degree or two can make a real difference to your energy bill. In fact, taking your thermostat down by just one degree can cut your fuel consumption by about 8%.

Finally, make sure you’re not losing valuable warm or cool air through poorly-insulated walls, doors and windows.

Source: Carbon Trust: Retail Energy Management, February 2006

Use heating timers (YouTube)

The heating’s so easy to switch on. Funny how we find it so much harder to switch off.

Use heating timers (YouTube)

Don’t use heating and air conditioning together (YouTube)

Sounds obvious but this is one of the most frequently-made energy mistakes.

Don’t use heating and air conditioning together (YouTube)

Keep air con units clean (YouTube)

An air conditioning unit with clogged or dirty filters uses more power. Here’s how to make sure yours is running in tip top condition.

Keep air con units clean (YouTube)

Power down

If there’s any electronic equipment that’s not being used, simply switch it off. Make life easier on yourself by installing timers so that any equipment that’s needed only during business hours is on only during business hours.

And don’t leave technology equipment on standby. It may not be “on” but it’s definitely not “off”.

Switch off equipment (YouTube)

Use the off switch or pay the price. See how much it costs to keep different pieces of equipment running.

Switch off equipment (YouTube)

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Do an energy audit

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Energy monitor

Install an energy monitor

Designed to help you monitor when your energy use is high and low, an energy monitor displays your real-time energy usage.

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To put an end to predicted bills
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With a Smart meter we’ll be able to read your meter remotely and send you accurate bills. We may need to estimate your bill if there's a problem collecting a reading.

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