Capify loans 

Capify has a wealth of experience, supporting SMEs across the UK and overseas since 2008. They offer loans from £3,500 all the way to £500,000 and have helped thousands of owners to get the funding they need in order for their business to flourish.
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Capify offer two forms of innovative finance:

Alternative Business Loan

The Alternative Business Loan is designed for Limited Companies who process over £10,000 per month and are looking for between £3,500 and £500,000. Companies can raise up to 75% of their average monthly turnover, given as a lump sum of money. In order to repay, Capify will collect a small daily amount from the business bank account for the term of the loan. You can choose to pay back between six and 10 months, whichever suits your business needs best.

Merchant Cash Advance

If your company is a Sole Trader or Partnership, the Merchant Cash Advance is perfect for those businesses that accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. Companies will be given a lump sum of money and repay via a small pre-agreed percentage of their card sales every working day. The amount you have to repay will fluctuate depending on how much you process through your terminal. This means on a slow day you will pay back less and on a busy day you will pay back slightly more. In order to qualify, you must have been processing credit and debit card payments at your business for at least six months and take a minimum of £5,000 in debit and credit card payments each month.

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