npower is now part of the E.ON group

It’ll take a while before all of our customers can be supplied by E.ON but in the meantime here are answers to some of the most common questions about the changes.

Who is E.ON?

E.ON is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, supplying and supporting well over 3 million homes and businesses.

Will my supply be affected?

No, you won’t notice a thing.

Will my Direct Debit stay the same?

For now we'll carry on collecting your payments as normal. Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. You won’t need to set up a new one, as we’ll transfer it to E.ON when we move your account. In the unlikely event there are any changes we’ll contact you to let you know.

Can I still use Business Rewards?

Business Rewards is no longer available and closed on 2 June 2020. 

What will happen if I move premises?

Please get in touch as soon as you know. We can then do our best to avoid making changes to your account at the same time, to keep things as simple as possible with your bills and final account balance.

What about my other accounts?

If we supply your energy at home, or if you have more than one npower Business account, or if you buy both fuels from us, we’ll be in touch separately about each account.

When will my account move to E.ON?

It’ll take a while before all of our customers can be supplied by E.ON - we’ll be moving all accounts to E.ON’s billing system over the next few months. We’re working hard to make the changeover as smooth as possible for you – you don’t need to do anything now. When we’re ready to move your account we’ll contact you again with any information you may need.

Hasn’t npower Business already moved my account?

Yes - over the last couple of years we’ve been moving all npower Business accounts into a new npower billing system. As a result you may have already got a new account number and your bills now look different. These will change again when we move your account to E.ON’s billing system - we’re sorry if we’ve caused any confusion with all this change.

What can I do if I don’t want to move to E.ON?

Of course we hope you’ll be happy to stay with E.ON. But if you decide to switch to a different supplier, you’ll need to:

  • give us your termination notice (we’ll transfer it to your new E.ON account if necessary)
  • make sure you’ve paid any outstanding charges on your account, and
  • ask your new supplier to supply you from a date after your contract end date (which you can find on your npower Business bill).

As described in our conditions of supply:

  • Fixed contracts: you can’t end your contract and leave us (or E.ON) until your contract end date
  • Flexible or Variable contracts: you can leave at any time by giving 30 days’ notice
  • Out of contract (deemed or default): you can leave at any time without giving notice

I’m on a fixed-price contract - will my prices change?

When you move to E.ON nothing will change until your contract end date. Your prices will be the same or lower, and your contract end date will remain the same. So you can be sure you won’t be out of pocket because of this change.

I’ve already renewed my fixed-price contract early with npower Business. Will that be honoured, or will I need to agree a new contract with E.ON instead?

No you won’t need to agree a new contract with E.ON. Whether your new contract starts before or after we move your account to E.ON, your prices will be the same or lower.

What will happen if I’m due to renew my fixed-price contract with npower Business before my account moves?

If your current contract is due to end before we move your account, we’ll be in touch as normal when it’s time to think about renewing, to let you know your options. Your contract end date hasn’t changed, you can find it on your npower Business bill.

I’m on a variable contract - will my prices change?

Until your account moves to E.ON we’ll continue to review your prices as normal from time to time and let you know if there are any changes.

I’m on out of contract prices (deemed or default) - will my prices change?

Until your account moves to E.ON we’ll continue to review your prices as normal from time to time and let you know if there are any changes. Remember our out of contract rates are probably higher than the contract rates we could offer you – contact us to find out about changing to a contract.

What will happen if I terminate my current contract?

You can terminate your contract at any time. If you’re on a fixed contract that will take effect from the contract end date. If you’re on a variable (Your Business Choice) or flexible (Your Business Flexible) contract it will take effect after 30 days. We’ll note your termination on your npower Business account and transfer it across to your E.ON account if we move your account to E.ON before the termination takes effect.

Can I still get a Smart meter installed by npower Business?

Yes, we’re going to carry on installing Smart meters for our customers until E.ON take over this responsibility. Find out more about getting your Smart meter.

Will Feed in Tariff (FiT) customers be affected?

If you receive FiT payments via npower (for example from solar panels), for now payments will continue to be made as usual and we’ll continue to administer all aspects of your FiT account in the same way. We’ll contact you with any information you need.

How can I find out (and change) my data consent preferences?

You can log in to your online account or contact us to make any changes. You can change your mind at any time.

How can I contact E.ON?

If you need to discuss anything about your npower Business account you can contact us. Please don’t contact E.ON now - our colleagues there won’t be able to help you just yet.