Loss of gas supply

If you have had your gas supply cut off by a Network Engineer because of a fault with your meter please contact our call centre on:

0845 166 3320

If we recently let you know that we’ve moved your account to our new billing system, or if you’re joining npower Business as a new customer, the number is 0330 100 8100.

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Out of hours, please contact our meter agent National Grid Metering on
0845 606 6766 (24 hour contact)

If you have an EGS supplied meter please contact EGS on
01603 263 004 (24 hour contact)

What to do if you smell gas

In case of an actual or suspected gas escape you should contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on:

0800 111 999

Lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year View call charges

  • Don't turn on any electrical switches
  • Don't smoke, use matches or naked flames
  • Don't use a mobile phone near a suspected leak
  • Don't leave it to someone else to report the incident - you could be putting yourself and others at risk 
  • Do put out naked flames
  • Do open doors and windows
  • Do keep people away from the affected area

For further information relating to gas leaks go to the National Gas Emergency Service.