How to get a business energy credit refund

If you’re leaving npower or moving to another location, you might well be in credit with us. If you are, you’ll be owed a business energy credit refund.

If you think that’s the case get in touch. If you have your account number and your last meter reading to hand – the meter reading given when you closed your account – it will make things quicker.


Call us on 0845 166 3360. If we recently let you know that we’ve moved your account to our new billing system, or if you’re joining npower Business as a new customer, the number is 0330 100 8810.

Or email and put ‘Refund’ in the subject line.

If you’re emailing, don’t forget to include your name and phone number so we can call you back. If there’s a time that’s more convenient, let us know when suits you best. As soon as we’ve agreed on the amount you’re owed we can send a cheque or pay it directly into your bank account (applicable to Direct Debit customers only).