What help is available if I'm having trouble paying business bills?

If you’re having trouble paying bills, let us know and we can help. Just get in contact with your account number and an up-to-date meter reading handy.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your situation to help work out a way to pay your bills. Depending on your circumstances, we can also give you more help and support alongside different payment options - it's all part of our standards of service.

What happens if I don't contact you?

If you don’t let us know you’re having trouble, we’ll contact you and we could:

  • Pass your details to our debt recovery team.
  • Arrange a visit to your business (which would add costs onto what you owe).
  • Apply for a warrant to disconnect your supply and charge for any extra costs.

What about my credit rating?

Missing or being late with payments could affect your credit rating. Like most big companies, we share your information with different Credit Reference Agencies, so problems with paying could mean trouble with borrowing money elsewhere.

Where else can I get help?

Business Debtline - provides free debt advice to small businesses and people who are self-employed. Their services are available over the phone, through their website and via webchat.