What does credit mean?

A credit balance on your account may mean you’ve overpaid on a recent bill.

If you usually pay each bill in full, a bill with a credit balance means there’s nothing to pay. Usually we’ll keep the credit on your account and use it towards your next bill. If you do want to request a refund, make sure you have a current meter reading to hand when you get in touch.

If you’ve closed your account (because you’ve moved out or changed to another supplier) and there’s a credit balance on your final npower business bill, you should contact us to talk about a refund.

Regular payment plans

Some customers prefer to make regular fixed payments, for example by monthly Direct Debit, to spread the cost of energy more evenly over the year and help them budget, or to pay off an outstanding balance through an instalment plan.

If you pay this way and there’s a credit balance on your account, this means you’ve paid us more than the cost of the energy you’ve used since we last reviewed your payment amount.