Out of contract rates

Deemed rates are for customers who haven’t agreed a contract with us.

Default rates are for customers who terminate their contract, but haven’t agreed a new contract with us or transferred to another supplier.

If you’re on these out of contract rates, you could be paying more than you need to. Get in touch today to talk about getting a new contract with us.

Full details of our deemed rates

Here are the terms that apply to customers on deemed rates.

Conditions of supply (PDF, 709 KB)

Deemed Principal Terms (PDF, 567 KB)

npower is now part of the E.ON group

We’re getting ready for all our customers to be supplied by E.ON Next. To help make the changeover as smooth as possible for you we’ve aligned our prices with the out of contract rates you’ll pay with E.ON Next. 

If you stay on out of contract rates and don’t pay by Direct Debit, we’ll continue to add a 5% surcharge to your bill. Once you’re supplied by E.ON Next:

  • Deemed - you’ll no longer pay a surcharge.
  • Default - you’ll no longer pay a surcharge, customers who pay by Direct Debit pay a lower unit rate and standing charge instead.

If you haven’t agreed a new contract after your account is moved to E.ON Next, they’ll continue to supply you on out of contract prices under their Standard Terms and Conditions for SME customers  .

This document contains schemes which detail the terms and conditions that apply to our deemed customers.

Deemed schemes (PDF, 164 KB)

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