Business energy switching process: Switching to npower

Once you've submitted your application, we'll check through the details to ensure we can take on your business supply (includes Credit Checking). If all the checks are successful, your application will be accepted and continue through to the Registration Process below.


Step 1: Acceptance and registration

Once we've accepted your application

Please check your details are correct, eg. address, postcode. Don't forget to inform your current supplier that you are leaving.


Step 2 - Contact

Your designated npower post sales consultant will phone you to confirm your payment method and supply details.

Please don't stop payments to your current supplier just yet and make sure that any outstanding bills with your current supplier are cleared by you and that they know of your contract with us.


Step 3 - Objection window

If we receive an objection from your current supplier we will notify you by phone or by letter.

On receipt of any objection letter please contact us as soon as possible, if we have not called you already, so we can discuss how this objection can be lifted. Our telephone contact details will be supplied on the objection letter.


Step 4 - Supply commencement

We'll send you a welcome pack confirming your supply start date with us. If you're switching both your gas and electricity to npower business we'll confirm start dates individually.

Please ensure that you provide us with a meter reading online or on our 24 hour automated customer reading service on 0845 672 2755 (view call charges).


Step 5 - Opening bill(s)

Your previous supplier(s) will send you their final bill(s). You'll receive your first bill(s) from us within three months.

Post sales support

Our award winning Post Sales Team are there to help you through the process of transferring your energy supply to npower. Our dedicated consultants are industry experts with access to industry databases that allow us to track transfers very closely. They can offer advice and guidance on your transfer.

They will

  • Advise you of your "go live" date
  • Work with you to ensure a smooth transfer
  • Advise you on how best to proceed, should there be an objection from your current supplier

Joining npower is normally a simple, hassle free process. However, occasionally problems arise that need to be resolved to ensure the transfer proceeds. Here are a few useful tips for you that will help ensure your transfer is hitch free.

Top Tips

  • Tell your current supplier you are leaving - all suppliers require notice that you are wanting to move, if you don't provide notice, they will try to stop you leaving!
  • Make sure you provide us with the correct end date for your contract!
  • Clear any outstanding bills - there could be a delay in your transfer if there is an outstanding balance on your current supplier's account