Business gas prices and rates

npower can offer your business competitive gas prices and rates online, so you can boost your efficiency and keep your business running full steam ahead.

We aim to provide comprehensive solutions for a business's gas needs and offer prices and rates suitable to firms of all sizes. Our tariffs could help your small to medium sized business cut back energy costs, making your business more efficient and saving money in the process.

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The UK gas and energy markets depend on a number of different factors now that the country imports more natural gas. Prices can vary depending on your area due to delivery costs, and increased demands could put strain on your business if you don't have a contract. Choose npower for a fixed-term tariff and you could save on your energy costs with our competitive gas prices.

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As one of the leading UK energy providers, we offer a number of different solutions for business gas. Complete a gas quote online today to see what we can do for you.