Business utilities

Business utilities may be a necessary item in the company budget, but utilities can be less of a headache when you choose to utilise npower energy for your business needs.

At npower, we strive to deliver simple solutions so that you can concentrate on driving the success of your business while we work to lower the cost of your business utilities. Businesses choosing npower can also count on our expert customer service and competitive utilities rates to make perfect business sense.

Keep an eye on your energy utilities spending with npower

One great aspect of selecting npower as a utilities provider is that we can help you to effectively monitor your energy consumption. In turn, your business can implement new practices in an effort to successfully cut the costs of utilities.

Our Energy Saving Know:How programme caters specifically to small to medium sized businesses so you can see the savings when you make changes in your business's energy usage. We can provide energy usage monitoring equipment for your utilities as well as information designed to help get your employees on board with easy ways to save.

To make the transition as smooth as possible for you, we also have a dedicated helpline staffed by knowledgeable npower experts ready to assist you with implementing changes to save your business money on utilities.

Submit a quote for your energy utilities costs online

A business wishing to see how much choosing npower as a utilities provider could save them can find out by submitting a request for a quote online.