Whatever business you’re in, you can benefit from a strong digital presence. Showcasing your work online can translate to increased sales in the ‘real’ world.

Our top five tips will help you use digital to:

  • Show off your products on social media
  • Inspire new customers and reward existing ones
  • Use search engine optimisation so your customers can find you
  • Take advantage of online tools to increase sales
  • Test and try out different channels to find the ones that work for you

Don’t neglect your virtual shop window

Treat your web presence like your digital shop window. It’s where you can display your products, boast of your expertise, and entice customers to your business. Use photography and testimonials to make a noise about what you do. And don’t forget to link to a map, so your customers can find you easily.  

You can use:

  • Facebook image carousels, posts and ads
  • Instagram posts and ads
  • Snapchat

Sharing a Facebook pic of your latest offer can inspire someone to put down their phone and head to your door.

CASE STUDY: Established in 2013, Charge Cords makes long, strong and durable Apple MFi Certified Cords for every iPhone, iPad, and Android phone in the market.
We use Facebook and Instagram to announce new products to our current customer base – and to acquire new customers Jerad Friedline, co-founder of Charge Cords

Make people feel special with exclusives

Digital is a great tool for sharing special offers — especially when it comes to rewarding your most loyal customers and recruiting new ones. Emails are great for inviting your existing customers to an exclusive event, and social media posts can promote one-off giveaways.

You can use:

  • Emails to your customer database
  • Facebook posts and ads
  • Instagram posts and ads
  • Twitter

A quick tweet about a giveaway like Colston Hall’s above is a great way to inspire your existing customers, and attract the attention of new ones too. Even better, it’s completely free!

Colston hall giveaway

CASE STUDY: The PC Landing Zone is a US computer and cell phone repair business set up in 2013. It has 2 shops and employs 6 technicians.

“For every dollar I spend on a Facebook ad, I get at least 4X the return in sales.”
Victor Lezama, owner/technician, The PC Landing Zone

Make it easy for customers to find you

You don’t want your customers to struggle to find you online, so ensure your web presence is ‘search engine optimised’ (SEO). Make sure your business address, opening hours and business type are all kept up-to-date on your website, and that your social media pages are regularly updated.

You can use:

Making your business name and location clear on Google can mean you’re added to their maps so new customers can find you.

Beat the local competition

There are loads of SEO tools that mean when a customer searches for your business type or product online, you’re the first result they see.

For a small cost, you can use Paid Search (PPC) to put your business above nearby competition. You can also tell Google your location and stock list to help customers find you first. Local inventory ads are a good way to show the world you have the product they’re searching for. Combine all this with a ‘click and collect’ service, and new customers will choose you above your competitors.

You can use:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Local Inventory Ads
  • Paid Search tools
  • Facebook pages and ads

Local inventory ads help you tell people that you have the product they’re searching for.

The great thing about digital is there are so many ways you can communicate your message. You can share photos on Instagram, invite loyal customers to events via email, host giveaways on Twitter and talk to your customers on Facebook.

Even better, many digital marketing tools are free and easy to use. Get digital working for you, and you can look forward to a great return on investment.

CASE STUDY: WORX is a global business supplying award-winning, high-quality, environmentally friendly power tools.

Thanks to Facebook’s advanced targeting and advertising tools, our campaign kept our products top-of-mind and reached people already shopping for deals.
Worx DIY Tools