Suspected gas leaks

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, you must contact the 24-hour emergency National Gas Service immediately.

0800 111 999

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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If you smell gas

  • Don't turn any electrical switches on or off.
  • Don't smoke, use matches or naked flames.
  • Don't use a mobile phone near a suspected leak.
  • Don't leave it to someone else to report the incident – you could be putting yourself and others at risk.
  • Do put out naked flames.
  • Do open doors and windows.
  • Do keep people away from the affected area.

What to do if you have no gas

If you experience an unexpected loss of gas or your supply is disrupted in any way, please contact the 24-hour National Gas Service on 0800 111 999.

If you have had your gas supply cut off by a Network Engineer because of a fault with your meter, please contact our Customer Contact Team. If you need to contact someone outside of office hours, please contact our agent, National Grid Metering, on 0845 60 66 766.

What to do if you have no electricity

If you experience a loss of electricity, your supply is disrupted in any way, or in case of emergency, please contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) immediately.

Just call 105, an easy to remember number that will put you through to your DNO - the company that manages the cables, wires and substations that bring electricity into local homes and businesses.

Power loss helpline numbers

To identify your DNO, find your supply number (on any electricity invoice - see the diagram below), and use the Short Code, which is two digits at the bottom left of the supply number.

You'll find your electricity distribution company details alongside your short code in this list of DNOs.

Supply numbers

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Power cut? Call 105

If you have a contractual agreement regarding planned gas interruptions with National Grid or your gas transporter, you may be contacted by our Gas Operations Team or by our affiliate company, RWE Trading, to notify you of any planned interruptions.

Please ensure that your three authorised customer contacts and the fax details that you have provided are kept up-to-date at all times. One of these contacts must be available and have direct access to a fax machine 24 hours a day. Please be sure to advise our Customer Contact Team of any changes.

Please visit National Grid for more information about planned interruptions.

Service levels and guarantees

Guaranteed and License Standards of Performance are set by industry regulator Ofgem for gas and electricity distributors. These set out the minimum service levels you can expect in key areas, for example supply interruptions or maintenance work. If guaranteed standards are not met, you are entitled to compensation. For further information please see our guaranteed standards of performance (PDF, 869 KB), or contact your local electricity distributor and/or gas transporter .