Flexible electricity transacting at your fingertips

If you would like to take advantage of electricity price changes in the energy market, but don’t have the time, expertise or resource to manage a traditional flexible contract, this is the solution for you.

Self-service energy transaction platform

Select and Secure makes it quick and easy to transact electricity at wholesale-market-reflective prices. It does this via a secure web-based tool that facilitates online transactions, so you never need to pick up the phone. The platform can be tailored to your individual energy requirements and risk management profile, enabling you to easily take advantage of multiple transacting opportunities throughout your contract.

A simplified multiple fixed-price contract

Select and Secure works by offering, for example, a two-year contract that is set up as four six-month blocks for you to transact at a time and when the price suits you. Price alerts provide protection against a rising or falling market to help you remain within your budget. For simplicity, all non-commodity costs are also fixed upfront (for import customers).

It is suitable for existing flex customers who want a quick, easy and more cost-effective way to manage their contract, or for fixed customers who need a little more flexibility. It can also be used by consultants on behalf of their electricity clients, which can support the more efficient and faster management of multi-client portfolios.

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  • A secure way to make electricity transactions online
  • A dynamic dashboard with information that can be tailored
  • For supply customers, visibility of commodity and projected non-commodity costs through a tracking budget tool

  • A visual display of all energy transaction requirements in one place – so you can easily see what you have transacted (closed), what you need to transact (open) and any price alerts (warnings)
  • View open and closed positions against live npower Business Solutions prices
  • Ability to set price alerts to monitor market movement to keep your costs aligned to your budget


  • Flexible electricity transacting without the complexity
  • A cost-effective route to accessing wholesale market-reflective prices
  • Access your portfolio and market data online 24/7
  • A time-saving and easy-to-use self-service platform
  • Pricing parameters that help you feel secure about staying within budget
  • Complete transparency to track exactly what you are spending and where

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