Renewing your contract

For customers who want to renew their fixed energy contracts.


Negotiating a new energy deal is important because industry regulations now prevent us from automatically rolling your contract forwards onto a new fixed deal.


This means that if you allow your contract to expire and you don't confirm you want to renew then your supply will move onto default rates. These are higher than contract rates because you are free to leave at any time, so we are not able to forecast your volume requirements to purchase electricity in the most cost effective way.

Take a look at the second issue of our new magazine energy UPDATE to provide you with a useful overview of key information, to help you better understand what you need to do to renew your energy contract and manage your business's energy.

Energy Update Magazine Cover

How to renew

Our fast and simple renewal process

  • 1 Contact our Renewals Team ahead of your renewal date
  • 2 We will review your energy consumption
  • 3 We will provide you with a quote
  • 4 You need to accept and confirm your quote
  • 5 We will send you a new contract and Direct Debit form
  • 6 Return and sign your contract by email or post
  • 7 Return your signed Direct Debit form

Reasons to renew

Here’s why so many other businesses stay with npower Business Solutions:

Excellent service

You will always speak to a member of our dedicated and experienced Customer Service Team. The team are based in the UK and aim to answer your call within 20 seconds.

Transparent pricing

Our rates are continuously updated to accurately reflect market conditions. We also offer a choice of contracts to suit your business requirements.

Dual Fuel

We can offer your business a £200 discount from your first electricity bill when renewing, if you agree a contract for an additional gas or electricity meter*. Dual Fuel Discount can save your business time and money.
*See full terms and conditions (PDF, 98kb)

Cost-saving solutions

We believe the average business can save up to 20% on energy costs. So we’ve created a range of tools and services to help you identify where and how to make savings, along with specialist support to then introduce efficiencies.

Industry expertise

Our experts stay at the forefront of the latest developments in the energy sector and are best placed to advise you on industry charges, government policies and new technologies. We’ve even won awards for representing the interests of our customers.

Your renewal quote explained

Supply number

This is the number on your meter.

HH Metered

HH Metered means Half Hourly – that your energy consumption is recorded every half hour.

GWh - Gigawatt Hours

Estimated annual consumption of power.


Capacity allocated to the meter by DNO (the Distribution Network Operator).

Proposed start date and Proposed supply end date:

These are the contract dates in this example it is a 24-month contact. Make a note of when the contract expires and contact npower three months beforehand.

Charges included

These include npower costs and some Government and regulatory feels and levy’s.

Charges excluded

These are excluded because they might be highly variable or provided by an alternative supplier. Your Account Manager can explain these to you and arrange separate quotes and contracts where appropriate.

Renewal is easy to arrange

You can call us on:

0800 316 0323

Lines are open:

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

View call charge information

Prefer not to call?

You can email us:

Please call prior to your renewal date. Your renewal date can be found on your energy contract.

FAQ's open/close

Q1: How do I locate my renewal date?

A: While our Renewals Team will try to get in touch with you beforehand, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contract gets renewed. If you don’t let us know that you wish to renew you will move onto the higher default or out of contract rates at your renewal date.

Regulation means we are not allowed to automatically renew customer contracts. So just get in touch and we can sort it out for you. Contact our Renewals Team on 0800 316 0323 or email

Q2: What is deemed pricing?

A: Deemed pricing describes the pricing you pay if we are supplying a site with electricity and/or gas and a contract is not yet in place. Think of it as a temporary rate. This usually applies if a customer has moved to some new premises and not yet set up their contract with us. Deemed pricing applies until a contract is put in place or we stop supplying the site. If you’re paying deemed contract prices then please call us to arrange a contracted price.

Existing customers – call 0800 316 0323.

New customers – call 0800 048 1539

Q3: Who do I call to arrange my renewal?

A: The Renewals Team on 0800 316 0323 or email or contact your account manager directly.

Q4: What happens if I plan to switch to a different supplier?

A: While you don’t have to notify us – as your new supplier will contact us about transferring the energy supply - we would appreciate it if you could call us to discuss your reasons for leaving. It might be that we can match your quote or help you in another way.

Q5: Will you price match if I get a cheaper quote from another supplier?

A: We want to retain all our customers’ business so the first thing we’d do is to go through your quote from us and explain it in full. Then we can discuss your alternative quote and see if we can work out why it’s more competitve. We will look at things like: are they basing your quote on your actual energy consumption or an estimate? (which will mean your price will increase as soon as your contract starts). If the prices are truly like for like we will certainly see if there is anything we can do to keep you. If we can’t get the price down then we’ll look for other benefits we can give you such as a free licence for our Intelligent Analytics web based software designed to help you understand your consumption and save money.