Flex freedom

A sophisticated electricity contract that enables you to purchase clips up to two business days before delivery, without the usual restrictions on how much you transact.


Flex Freedom is particularly suited to businesses where consumption changes month to month – or even day to day. For example, due to seasonal or operational variations, or as a result of participation in demand-management initiatives.

With Flex Freedom, there are very few restrictions on how you transact. Firstly, there are no pre-set base-load and peak-load blocks (or clips), so you can buy or sell what you want. Secondly, you can transact within – rather than ahead of – your month of delivery, as long as you have closed all your required volume two business days before the day of delivery


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  • Transact closer to the point of delivery
  • No transaction restrictions for base load or peak load blocks down to HH profile
  • Transacting is no longer limited to seasons, quarters and months – with Flex Freedom you can hedge volume in days, week days, weekends, weeks or EFA blocks
  • Optimise your within-month volume requirements before each month delivery to adapt volume profile to forecasted requirements
  • Option to even hedge open volume day-ahead at Half-Hourly level


  • Enhanced risk management through greater granularity and increasing transaction horizon closer to point of delivery
  • Enables you to manage both your volume and price risks down to Day Ahead level, giving you full control of your cost
  • More flexibility for generators to maximise revenue and for consumers to avoid high price periods when known closer to delivery or adapt volume requirements to better fit load-shifting preferences
  • More flexibility to buy and sell volumes that fit your shape to avoid the natural churn that happens with trying to fit base and peak over a HH shape, i.e. selling or buying back at index settled prices

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