Fixed: Certainty 

An all-inclusive power or gas contract that’s simple, predictable and transparent. It gives you maximum budget certainty as this contract fixes the pricing for both the commodity (fuel) and key non-commodity elements (key third party AND government charges) of your invoice. You can manage your account easily, supported by a dedicated Account Manager.

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Fixed: Choice 

A bespoke electricity contract, where you agree a fixed unit price for your electricity and then work with your Account Manager to set your selection of key non-commodity costs to either a fixed constant rate or to ‘at cost’ pass-through. The end result is an electricity contract where we guarantee to never reconcile any of the costs that we have agreed are fixed, whilst retaining the benefits of paying ‘at cost' for the remaining passed-through non-commodity costs.

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Fixed: Commodity 

A gas or electricity contract that combines the simplicity of a fixed commodity price with the potential for savings on the non-commodity elements as you pay the ‘at cost’ option for all non-commodity charges. Energy prices can be volatile , so securing them upfront at the start of a supply contract can help you to better forecast and remain within your budget. We now offer contracts of between one and five years in length, enabling you to increase cost certainty for longer, if preferred. But if you are still willing to risk some predictability in return for potentially cheaper overall costs, then Fixed: Commodity may provide the solution.

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Select and Secure 

A simple and secure way to access wholesale, market-reflective prices. An electricity contract designed for customers who would like to manage their price risk by making a number of energy purchase decisions during their contract, without having to be experts, or allocate additional resource to managing the contract.

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Dual Fuel Discount 

We can offer your business a £200 Dual Fuel discount* if you agree a contract for both your electricity and gas supply with us.

This can save your business time and money. You may be able to align your contract end dates and payment schedules; ensuring fuelling your business is as convenient as possible.

If you would like to know more, give us a call on the number below and quote ‘dual fuel discount’

*See full terms and conditions (PDF, 98kb)

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Thinking of switching? We can help

Your information

To ensure that we can give you an accurate quote, we need some information from you. If you don’t have everything to hand, you can still call us to discuss switching...

The right contract

There are many different factors that go into making a decision about switching, for instance, what length of contract suits your business best and and whether you would like third party costs fixed within your contract price.

Our dedicated Account Managers will talk you through the options, so that you are offered a suitable contract that is right for you.

What happens next

As energy is a volatile market your quote will be time-based. We'll email you your quote along with all the legal terms and conditions and once you sign it, your contract will be locked in, meaning that you will be an npower Business Solutions (nBS) customer.

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