We offer a range of gas and electricity contracts for businesses. From straightforward fixed contracts, that help with budget certainty, to sophisticated flexible contracts that enable you to manage your price risk. We also offer renewable energy, unmetered supplies (UMS) and support for consultants and consortiums.

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Group purchasing

When you are buying energy on behalf of a number of clients, finding efficiencies of scale and volume makes sense for all concerned. We can offer you two main types of contract that provide big benefits for smaller consumers, and are designed to be simple to manage.
We have developed Access: Flexible Power and Budget Portfolio, two consultant-only products that enable you to offer your clients access to the benefits of greater purchasing flexibility to secure the best price available.
Both options are structured for ease of management and flexibility when it comes to adding new clients, extending contracts and exiting clients. You will also have the full support of our award-winning Optimisation Desk, providing you with bespoke reports, market intelligence and access to our online Risk Navigator package, so you can track your portfolio round the clock, if required.

Access: Flex

A group purchasing framework which allows you to access the wholesale electricity market on behalf of clients who would not normally have sufficient consumption to do so on a stand-alone basis. You can therefore offer clients a range of features and benefits – from multiple purchasing decisions which spread buying risk, to the flexibility to combine different meter types into one contract. It’s also designed to be easy for you to manage, with full support provided by our expert Optimisation Desk team.


  • Minimum total volume of 10 gigawatt hours (GWh)
  • Suitable for Half-Hourly (HH), Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) and combined portfolios (excluding microbusinesses)
  • Accommodates multiple client start dates
  • No cross-subsidisation between clients - each member is priced by its consumption profile
  • One daily Price Setting Report (PSR) combines the purchasing requirements of all clients

  • Enables use of flexible purchasing functionality such as unset/reset, index purchasing, limit orders and warnings
  • Simple contract extension mechanism
  • Greater flexibility for client additions and exits to help minimise impact to other group members (The demand-weighted purchase prices for open volumes may vary)
  • Direct access to the Optimisation Desk and online Risk Navigator platform

Consultant benefits 

  • Aggregate clients that are too small for flexible purchasing
  • Convert your portfolio to flexible purchasing
  • Improved and more frequent reporting to clients
  • Simple and straightforward to manage

Client benefits 

  • A flexible alternative to standard fixed contracts
  • Access to a high-volume product for low-volume consumption
  • No cross-subsidy of non-commodity costs
  • Ability for HH and NHH meters to be included under a single contract

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