Buying energy

We offer a range of gas and electricity contracts to new and existing customers. From straightforward fixed contracts, that help with budget certainty, to sophisticated flexible contracts that enable you to manage your price risk. We also offer renewable energy, unmetered supplies and support consultants and consortiums.

Fixed energy purchasing 

An easy, transparent way to secure your electricity and gas supply at a fixed rate for the duration of your contract.

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Select and Secure 

A simple way to access the wholesale energy market, ideal if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage a traditional flexible contract.

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Flexible energy purchasing 

Take advantage of price changes in the energy market, so you can spread your price risk over a number of purchasing decisions throughout the year.

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Renewable energy 

Secure the benefits of renewable power, with electricity backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates

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Unmetered supplies 

Calculated energy use for unmetered, powered items such as traffic signals, streetlights or outside advertising.

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Consultant products 

Specialised group purchasing products for consultants and brokers

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Renewing your energy contract 

We continually strive to provide the very best products and services for the specific needs of our business customers. Renewing your energy contract is simple and easy to arrange.

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