Understand and manage your utilities

Enables the visualisation of sophisticated information through bespoke dashboards.

Intelligent Analytics: Manager

A software package designed to help you understand your consumption and maximise efficiency. You can create virtual sites to pinpoint specific areas of concern and conduct more thorough analysis. You can also use bespoke alarms and targeting to exert more control over how much energy you use; providing the perfect solution for those who need more advanced energy management.


  • Reliable Half-Hourly (HH) data uploaded daily
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Site-level reporting
  • Multi-user and multi-utility
  • Management reports
  • Data analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Alarms
  • Data import and export (five channels maximum per site)
  • 'My sites' function to personalise site and meter details
  • Adjustable to track cost, carbon, and kilowatt hour (kWh) usage


  • Staff engagement – tailored targeting, site-level reporting and accessible interface create an ideal tool to engage staff with energy management
  • Ease and speed of use – all the functionality to start managing your energy consumption
  • Increased efficiency – allows for a greater focus on energy management and reduces time wasted on managing data
  • Understand your data – moves beyond simple data management, enabling you to interpret your data to make strategic decisions
  • Forecasting of future consumption and costs - helping you to manage your budget, minimise risk and measure any savings that have been made
  • Alarms - customisable to prevent excessive usage and monitor particular areas to suit your needs
  • Virtual sites - ‘My sites’ allows you to create virtual sites and meters from the existing framework, to analyse particular processes or utilities in more detail


An HH or Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meter picking up HH data that is polled once a day.

Find out how you could reduce your energy costs with Intelligent Analytics: Manager, our energy management monitoring and targeting software.

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