Energy management skills

Our independently accredited qualification means you can improve your energy management, motivate your employees and be recognised as a Low Energy Company (LEC); plus your employees gain awards for their personal development targets.

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The npower Business Solutions Energy Managers Qualification (nBSEMQ) encompasses four levels, each designed to offer participants practical information to make a difference to energy efficiency at work and at home.

The nBSEMQ courses will raise awareness of how individual actions have personal, corporate, national and even global impacts which result in both monetary and environmental returns.


Delivered via an easy-to-use e-learning tool that takes around 30-minutes to complete online, and can be accessed from the office or home.

Every participant who completes the training and assessment will be registered with the Low Energy Company (LEC) and awarded a certificate.


This is aimed at staff who are looking to be come a champion of energy management and demonstrate environmentally-friendly behaviour within their organisations.

This is a one-day course that can be delivered on or off site. Participants will leave with an understanding of energy management, why it's important and how to communicate this with peers and customers at a high level.


Energy management skills

This course offers a comprehensive training programme that has been recognised by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as a formal Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship. It's designed for staff who are not energy specialists but have direct involvement with energy systems and targets as part of their job role.

This apprenticeship is delivered via an initial three-day course followed by a series of shorter, more specialised modules. With a nationally-recognised awarding body and the opportunity to apply for government bursaries to assist with funding, this course is an ideal way to establish professional status within the energy sector.


This is a post graduate diploma in energy management designed for staff in middle to senior management roles who are directly responsible for creating and owning an organisation’s energy policy, strategy, budgets and compliance with any relevant legislation.

The content will equip participants with in-depth specialist energy management skills.