What is E.ON?

E.ON is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, supplying and supporting well over 3 million homes and businesses.

What is E.ON Next?

E.ON Next is a new part of the E.ON Group, so you will be moving to a well-established energy supplier with a brand new, easy-to-use website. E.ON Next uses the latest technology and boasts a brand new online account system where you will be able to keep track of your energy costs and make changes to your payments or account details in just a few clicks. Find out more about E.ON Next.

When will my business be supplied by E.ON Next?

We will contact you to let you know when we begin moving your account to E.ON Next.

Will my supply be affected?

No, your supply will not be affected.

Will my Direct Debit stay the same?

For now, we will carry on collecting your payments as normal. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit instruction with your bank. If your Direct Debit cannot be transferred we will write to you to let you know and provide details of how you can reset this with E.ON Next.

Will the frequency of my invoices or Direct Debit payments stay the same?

If you currently receive your invoices on a quarterly basis and do not pay by Direct Debit, this will change to monthly when you move to E.ON Next. Otherwise, it will remain the same.


I am on a fixed-price contract - will my prices change?

If you are on a fixed-price contract your prices will be the same or lower, and your contract end date will remain the same. If it is time to renew before we move your account to E.ON Next we will get in touch to let you know your options. If you are on deemed or default prices we will review these as normal from time-to-time and let you know if there are any changes. 

What will happen if I am due to renew my fixed-price contract with nBS?

If your current contract is due to end before we move your account, we will be in touch as normal when it is time to think about renewing, to let you know your options. Your contract end date has not changed, and you can find it on your invoice.


When will my account move to E.ON Next?

We are working hard to make the changeover as smooth as possible for you and you do not need to do anything now. When we are ready to move your account we will contact you again with any information you may need.

What will happen if I move premises?

Please get in touch as soon as you know. We can then do our best to avoid making changes to your account at the same time, to keep things as simple as possible with your invoices and final account balance.

Will my Automated Meter Reading (AMR) or Smart meter still work with E.ON Next?

Your AMR or Smart meter will continue to send automatic meter readings and provide you with more accurate invoices.

My meter is currently de-energised. What happens when I want to start using it again?

Once we have let you know that your account has moved, you can just get in touch with E.ON Next and it will sort everything out for you when the time comes.

My property is currently empty. Do I need to do anything?

Just remember to send us regular meter readings, so we can see how much energy is being used there. We will still need to visit from time-to-time to check that the meter is safe.

Once you have moved to E.ON Next, it will send you regular invoices to cover the standing charges.

Can I receive my correspondence in large print or braille?

Yes, E.ON Next can send your correspondence in large print or contracted (grade 2) braille. Customers who receive uncontracted (grade 1) braille communications from npower will receive them from E.ON Next in contracted braille instead.

How can customers with hearing or speech difficulties get in touch?

You will be able to contact E.ON Next by email or in writing, or call using the text relay service. For text relay, just dial 18001 in front of the phone number you wish to call, and it will automatically connect you to a relay assistant. There is also a text relay app available to download.

How can I contact E.ON Next?

If you need to discuss anything about your nBS account you can call our Customer Contact Team on 0800 138 2322. Please do not contact E.ON Next - our colleagues there will not be able to help you just yet.