It's business as usual

The good news is that for now there is no change to your nBS account or your energy supply. If there are going to be any changes made by E.ON Next when your account is moved, we will get in touch before the move to let you know what they will be.

Questions about nBS and E.ON Next

We have put together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand how you might be affected by the changeover.

Questions about nBS and E.ON Next  

Find out about E.ON for business

If you would like to know more about E.ON and the products and services it offers to business customers, please visit the E.ON Next Business website.

Changes to our privacy policy

As part of getting ready for you to be supplied by E.ON Next, we have made some updates to our privacy policy. The changes took effect from January 2021.

For more information on how we look after our customer data, please see our privacy policy in full. If you would like to find out more about how E.ON Next looks after its customers’ data before you migrate, you can read E.ON's privacy notice on their website.

Changes to our conditions of supply

As part of getting ready to move your account, we have updated our conditions of supply – now called ‘Standard terms and conditions for small business customers’. The changes will take effect when your account is migrated to E.ON Next and we will be in touch closer to the time. Read the conditions in full on E.ON's website, or contact us to request a copy.

How E.ON Next will deal with your preferences

Communication preferences

If you already have an online account with us, E.ON Next will set up a new online account for you and you will continue to receive all communications (including invoices) online.

We will be sending you a letter or email about any changes to your terms and conditions that may occur as a result of transferring to E.ON Next. This may include information about how we will use your email address to send you service messages, so please read it.