New Business Solutions website in June 2021

We are currently working on creating a brand new and improved website for npower Business Solutions. Our new, easy-to-use website will be live in June this year and will provide you with a one-stop shop for your business energy needs.

We offer timely meter installations which are free for standard meters

New gas meter application form

Download the gas meter application form (PDF, 191KB)

New electricity meter application form

Download the electricity meter application form (PDF, 178KB)

Do you need to change the type of meter you have?

Changing your metering to half hourly? Or downgrading your meter to non half hourly? Please complete and return the form below.

Download the Change of Measurement class (CoMC) form (PDF, 708KB)

We offer fully accredited meter operator, data collector and data aggregator services

Whether we are your supplier or not, we offer industry accredited fully inclusive metering agent services mandatory as part of supply set up.

Meter Operator (MOP) – Meter installation, communications set up, commissioning and maintenance of your meter.

Data Collector (DC) – Accurate and remote collection of your consumption data to inform billing and energy management via our Intelligent Analytics tool.

Data Aggregator (DA) – Ensuring consumption data collected via Data Collector (DC) can be used for industry settlement purposes.

For all these services please contact our Energy Services Team

Meter Energisation? If you have a de-energised meter, which has had its fuses removed you can arrange for us to reconnect it, this is also known as ‘re-energising’ it.

Meter De-energisation? If you have a meter which you wish to stop using temporarily, we can arrange for the fuses to be removed. This will ‘de-energise’ it. You can then have the fuses replaced when you need to re-energise it.

Meter Disconnection? If you have a meter which you wish to stop using permanently, we can arrange for the meter and associated cabling to be removed.

For all these services, please contact our Customer Contact Team or your Customer Relationship Manager who will put you in touch with our specialists.

National Smart meter rollout information

As part of a drive to facilitate greater energy efficiency, the government has instigated a nationwide campaign to upgrade standard energy meters with Smart meters.

These enable two-way communication between meter and supplier, so meter readings can automatically be transmitted at a choice of frequency, including half hourly – making estimated bills a thing of the past.

The upgrade to Smart meters will mostly impact households and small businesses, but also some larger businesses with smaller sites.

The target is to have 53 million Smart meters installed for around 30 million customers by 2020. Suppliers such as npower are being given the responsibility for Smart meter installations, and the programme is being overseen by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with support from the industry regulator Ofgem.

Find out more about Smart meters.

Register your interest

To find out more about your meter and the benefits of upgrading your own standard business meters to Smart, please get in touch with your Client Lead or Account Manager on 0330 100 7651 (for existing customers) or register your interest in Smart meters.

Please note that Smart meters cannot replace any existing 3-phase or current transformer (CT) meters. If the network signal is insufficient in your area, you may also not be able to upgrade to Smart. But we can advise when we assess your meters.

What to do if your meter is not working properly

If you have any problems with your meter not working properly, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or the Customer Contact team.

Reporting energy meter theft

Energy theft, or meter tampering, is where someone deliberately alters their gas or electricity meter so it doesn’t record their usage properly.

It’s a criminal offence which can lead to a fine and 5 years in prison, but more importantly it’s extremely dangerous. Tampering with a home’s energy supply can put the safety of people in the property and surrounding area at risk.

Not only that, but it's estimated to cost customers, suppliers and the energy industry £400,000,000 a year. We work hard alongside Ofgem to stamp it out, but we need your help.

If you think someone is stealing energy or tampering with the meter, please contact Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers: Energy theft hotline 0800 023 2777 If your meter has been stolen, call your local Police on 101 and get a crime reference number. Then contact Customer Enquiries and arrange for a new meter to be installed.


If you can smell gas or think there's a leak, turn off your supply at the meter and Call the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999.

And if you're worried about the safety of your or a nearby electricity supply, please contact the relevant electricity distributor for your area.