Meter Operations

Monitor and you could save

Half Hourly metering gives you accurate information about how much energy you are using and is mandatory for all businesses with a supply greater than 100kW. 

Half Hourly meters are linked to a communications device that allows the data to be accessed remotely. By using this data in conjunction with monitoring and targeting software you could identify ways of making significant energy savings and carbon reductions.

A complete service from the metering specialists

Choose npower as your meter operator and we will provide you with a high quality, comprehensive integrated data management service. 

npower is fully accredited to install and maintain your meter (Meter Operation), and we work with all suppliers and agents. This means that, regardless of who your energy supplier currently is, we can supply, install, operate and maintain all of your HH metering and communications equipment.

As specialists in Half Hourly meter operations for the industrial and commercial sectors, our Energy Services Team is fully accredited to perform Meter Operation, Data Collection and Data Aggregation services. This allows us to maximise accuracy and efficiency over the end-to-end process so that we can help provide you with data of the highest quality.

We offer you:

  • Full national coverage and guaranteed service levels
  • The very latest in metering and communications technology
  • Dedicated project management by qualified engineers
  • Accurate billing data
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Resolution of faults
  • Choice of leased or purchased equipment

To get the right electricity or gas meter for your business, visit our Connection Services page.