nBS to offer customers wireless charging solutions

In the first deal of its kind, npower Business Solutions (nBS) has teamed up with wireless charging provider Chargifi to offer customers access to cable-free electricity.

The new technology allows you to charge devices such as a mobile phone or tablet using a 'key' that connects you remotely to a power source. This means you can draw electricity without having to make a physical connection – in the same way that wifi provides a wireless internet connection.

"We want to offer our business customers an innovative way to access electricity which better suits today's more fluid styles of working and living.

explains Magali Hodgson, Innovation Manager for nBS.

"We have already installed Chargifi spots in our own offices, so staff using our Agile working environments – where you can work from any desk, at a sofa or in a meeting room – can safely charge their mobile devices as they move around.

To access power, you need to insert a 'key' into your device. This then connects to a transmitter that's linked to your power source.

"Not only can our customers make use of this technology for their own staff, more importantly, they can offer the capability to their customers in order to increase footfall," says Magali. "This would be particularly suited to businesses who operate public facilities – for example, coffee shop chains, hotels or retail environments."

As well as offering convenient, wireless power, the technology provides businesses additional opportunities to better understand and engage with customers. Businesses can set up the solution to require users to sign up to their own mobile application or website, before granting access to power. They can then also offer targeted promotions during the charging experience.

"Chargifi collects cloud-based data on charging habits, allowing you to better understand your customers in each of your venues, optimise your premises for mobile and increase engagement with your customers as part of the experience." explains Magali.

To find out how nBS can support wireless charging for your business, speak to your Business Development Manager (if an existing customer) or contact us at wirelesscharging@npower.com.