New qualifications bring energy management skills to new audience

In response to growing demand among businesses for energy management skills, we have developed a range of specialist training to fill the gap.

Watch a short video explaining the npower Business Solutions Energy Management Qualifications.

The npower Business Solutions Energy Management Qualifications (nBSEMQ) cover a full range of requirements – from general awareness building to the complete energy manager role – and are the first educational programme of this kind to be offered by a UK supplier.

"We've had so many requests from customers for specialist support that we realised there was a genuine need that wasn't being met."

explains our Energy Specialist and EMA Energy Manager of the Year Dave Horton, who has been instrumental in developing these new qualifications.

"As well as equipping your staff with practical skills they can put into practice, these courses are designed to inspire cultural change that can translate to significant savings to your bottom line."

The nBSEMQ offers four levels of training for all types of staff and job role, with each course accredited by the Energy Managers Association (EMA) and the Low Carbon Company.

  • Foundation – this short online course provides any employee with a greater awareness of energy and environmental issues and conservation. As an organisation, you can also gain Low Energy Company accreditation by putting your staff through the training.
  • Champion – this one-day class-room-based course is designed for staff keen to take greater ownership of energy efficiency and promote the benefits throughout their organisation.
  • Expert – this follows a Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship programme and takes up to two years to complete via a range of classroom and online-based modules. However, each module is also a stand-alone course that can be taken independently of the Apprenticeship.
  • Masters – this is designed for senior management who are responsible for creating and owning an organisation's energy policy, strategy, budgets and compliance with any relevant legislation, and is currently still in development.

All the training is delivered by experienced experts with a proven track record in successful energy management, with the flexibility to cater to a company's individual requirements. For more information, please visit

For more information or to register interest in the course contact us via: or 0800 107 9321

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