Call for new Office of Energy

A new report has put forward a case for the establishment of an independent Office of Energy, to provide impartial data and analysis of Britain’s energy sector in a similar way that the Office for Budget Responsibility provides data about Britain’s public finances. Published in early June, the report has been produced by leading energy and economic consultancy Vivid Economics, with support from npower.

The aim is to invite discussion about how an Office of Energy could ensure that there is clear analysis of the performance and impact of all actions in delivering affordable secure low-carbon energy. It would also look at how changes to policy, regulation and the market affect the delivery of key policy goals.

“The UK energy market has been subject to criticism and controversy, due in part to a lack of analysis that is both trusted and clear,” says Robin Smale, Director at Vivid Economics. “There is a case for a new role to enhance consumer and investor confidence by providing much needed trusted and clear analysis across the whole of the energy sector. Many stakeholders see value in this new role, and in identifying options for how this role could be delivered.”

You can download a free copy of the report here.