Latest Energy Matters report reveals British businesses say they are unprepared and uninformed for Government energy audits

The first Energy Matters briefing of 2015, npower’s bi-monthly policy update for Business Solutions customers, reveals that many manufacturing British businesses do not feel prepared or informed of the requirements for the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) assessments later this year.

Energy Matters aims to demystify new and proposed pieces of legislation to explain their impact on the bottom line of UK businesses. The latest issue focuses on new mandatory EU legislation - the ESOS assessments, and how businesses could make significant savings on their bottom line.

According to The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), implementing some of the efficiencies highlighted by ESOS assessments could save businesses more than £250m a year by reducing consumption by just 0.7%.

From speaking to British Businesses, npower found that 44% confirmed they would investigate energy efficiency to reduce costs, however despite this 70% do not feel well informed about the requirements for carrying out an ESOS audit.

npower have calculated that British businesses could collectively achieve annual savings of more than £4 billion (£3 billion through reduced electricity costs and £1 billion in lower gas bills) if they reduced energy consumption by 20%.

Wayne Mitchell, Director of Markets & Innovation for npower Business Solutions, who is responsible for overseeing the development of energy products, services, and solutions for some of the Britain's largest businesses. He said:

“ESOS may seem like another policy that just brings more costs for manufacturers, but we see it as a significant opportunity to reduce the pressure on your bottom line. Energy is one of the least optimised costs in a business and yet through implementing simple efficiency measures, the average business could reduce consumption by 20 per cent – making a big impact on what you pay for your gas and electricity.

Nevertheless there are significant shortcomings in the way the policy has been communicated and will be implemented. I strongly believe that if we want to encourage the business community to embrace energy efficiency then we must do a better job of making the case for it to do so.”

Download the latest Energy Matters brief (PDF, 673KB) for more information on how to navigate the complex energy market and save money on energy bills.