Moving premises?

Take npower with you

Enjoy the same award-winning service from our dedicated Business Movers Team

We know that moving can be hectic with lots to remember. However, our Business Movers Team could help you with a quick transition of energy services to your new premises.

Take us along with you and you could agree a contract for your new premises without inheriting a supplier you don’t know which could mean you find yourself on their deemed out of contract rates and which could be higher than our competitive ones.

It should save plenty of time if you complete our Change of Occupier Form.

Call us on 0845 070 9494 and make sure you have to hand:

  • Your customer name
  • Your new and old site full postal address
  • The date of occupancy change

It would also be really useful if you also have:

  • A current meter reading
  • New occupier details of the current site you are leaving
  • A forwarding address of the occupier who is leaving your new premises

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I’m moving out or selling one or more of my sites?

Just ensure you tell us the details in advance of your move. You need to provide us your forwarding address (if applicable), the new occupier name and telephone number and your final meter reading taken the day you vacate the premises. If we don’t receive this information, you may be liable under the Conditions of Supply for the cost of energy supplies past the date you leave your existing premises. Call us on 0845 070 9494.

What information do npower need when I move premises?

Please let us know as soon as you move. We’ll need an up to date meter reading, ideally taken on the day of the move or the day before, plus a forwarding address to where the final bill is to be sent. We’ll also need details of new tenants, landlord or other third parties moving into your old premises.

How do I find out who supplies my new premises?

Just call us on 0845 070 9494 and we’ll be able to tell you how you can find out. We’ll be happy to offer you the right contract options for you in your new premises.