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Our automated Demand Side Response (DSR) service

An innovative energy management  service that enables companies to unlock hidden flexibility in existing equipment, and earn income from it by reducing energy consumption at times of high national demand.


If you have generation assets such as standby diesel generators or combined heat and power (CHP) plant - or your business operates an energy-intensive process that can be interrupted for short periods - you could participate in National Grid’s Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) market.

Our experts at Energy HQ will help you decide what’s feasible, before a contract is agreed to specify exactly what you can offer. We’ll then install our Smart Controller, which will collect site data, including the necessary metering details, and automate your STOR market participation. You can earn a payment for your availability, plus a usage fee when called upon to increase generation and/or reduce demand.

A step-by-step process for participation

Although DSR services can be complex to operate, we have assembled a team of experts to simplify the process and maximise the benefits of participating.

  • Our DSR specialists will meet with you to understand your technical, operational, commercial and financial constraints
  • Desk-top analysis will estimate your potential DSR benefits
  • To firm up technical requirements, we will send a specialised engineer to survey your site
  • The information gathered from this survey will inform the programming of our on-site Smart Controller and our central DSR software, from which we will monitor, manage and control your asset(s)
  • Once installation and testing has been completed, using your instructions, we will begin to optimise your assets for the Demand Response Services you have contracted to participate in

The benefits of DSR services with Energy HQ

  • Revenue generation and cost savings - from participation in STOR and Triad Avoidance respectively. You also avoid other supply-side charges during DSR activity as you typically consume less.
  • Integrated solution, via one partner - Further to your revenue and cost savings directly from DSR, we have expertise in Power Purchase Agreements to ensure you maximise value from any generation you export to the Grid. In addition, we can provide you with access to supplyside products such as Flex: Innovate and Flex: Freedom which will further increase your opportunities to increase revenue during DSR events.
  • No conflicting contracts - As an energy supplier and DSR provider, we ensure you are not penalised from participating in DSR activity and triggering supply-side contract clauses such as volume tolerances.
  • Knowledge & expertise - We manage the entire interface with National Grid on your behalf.
  • Installation - We provide a fully automated solution to remotely manage your asset(s) and provide the interface to the dispatching party. We can also support with solutions for installing generation assets, with both lease and purchase options (cost savings from other Energy HQ services may also help off-set these costs)
  • Manage & Optimise - We take care of the tendering for any National Grid services and we can aggregate you with others to meet minimum requirements.
  • Security of supply - Participation in DSR also ensures your generation asset(s) remain reliable as they are constantly checked by our system.

Triad Warning Service

Active Triad management to reduce TNUoS charges, managed through Energy HQ


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