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What are Triads?

Triads are the three half-hour settlement periods with the highest electricity demand and are used by National Grid to determine Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges. These charges are applied directly to businesses with half-hour metering and an agreement to pay TNUoS as a pass-through charge. Triads can occur in any half-hour on any day between November to February inclusive but are separated from each other by at least ten full days and are determined retrospectively after the completion of the November to February period.

Saving Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges

If you generate power onsite, or could reduce electricity consumption at peak times, we could help you make significant savings in National Grid’s Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges.

TNUoS charges can be as much as £51,870 1 per megawatt and are forecast to increase so Active Triad management to reduce these charges is becoming more common.

We already offer a highly-regarded Triad Warning Service, operated by our in-house team of expert analysts and forecasters. Now, via our Demand Response Services from Energy HQ, we can also provide Automated Triad Services. Using our Smart Controller, we can automate the delivery of Triad management as well as seeking to optimise the response you can provide to increase Triad savings year on year.

1 Based on consumption in the UKPN (London) area during 2016/17

See what you could save with the Triad Warning calculator

This online calculator tool can help you estimate your potential savings if you lower your consumption during the three triads. If you have sites in a number of different regions then input your annual consumption per region for a more accurate estimate.

Triad warning savings calculator


Your estimated TNUos savings:

£ 0

2 Please note that this is an estimated value based on an assumed Half Hourly consumption using the annual consumption figure given and an assumed distribution loss of 8%. Your regional charge is based on the 2014/15 zonal tariff set by national grid. Actual values may vary. Npower Limited has no liability for the accuracy of this information and it should not be relied upon. Npower Limited does not accept liability for any direct, indirect and consequential loss or damage arising or resulting from any actions or decisions you make on the basis of the information. This would be your estimated average reduction in consumption across the 3 half hourly triad periods within a year.

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