Demand Side Response (DSR)

At times of peak demand, reduce your electricity, or change the source of your electricity supply to gain financial benefits


The key to unlocking energy-saving potential

Demand-side response, is a UK scheme where electricity end-users are financially incentivised to lower or shift their electricity use at peak times to mitigate pressure on National Grid. We work closely with businesses to deliver our Automated Triad Services and simplify the DSR process by using our central DSR software from which we can monitor, manage and control your asset(s)

DSR is a key growth market in the UK

Primarily used by National Grid to help balance national energy requirement, DSR was traditionally available to only the largest energy users. At nBS we have devised a convenient way to support and manage DSR participation for these large businesses as well as small businesses and generators.

Environmental benefits

By participating in DSR initiatives, you are contributing to a more environmentally-friendly way of balancing the UK’s energy requirements. Currently, National Grid relies on standby generation – primarily from large gas, coal or small-scale open-cycle gas power stations – to help match ever-changing demand with, at times, intermittent supply. These need to be kept ‘warm’ to enable firing up as required. But reducing grid demand by utilising onsite generators – or via large consumers actively cutting consumption – is a far more efficient and less polluting solution.


Automated Triads

Active Triad management to reduce TNUoS charges, managed through Energy HQ

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Automated Demand Side Response services

Our team of experts work with businesses to simplify the process and maximise the benefits of participating

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