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The need for more effective energy management has never been greater, with energy costs increasing year on year, as well as continuing requirements to comply with environmental legislation such as the compulsory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

ISO50001 provides a framework for implementing greater efficiencies via a process of continual improvement. But for many businesses, knowing where to start or how to set up and manage the system can be daunting.

As the first of the big six energy companies to become ISO50001 accredited – and to develop an ISO50001-standard Energy Management System – we have the expertise to support you throughout the process. Our service covers the complete journey – from initial exploration through to being fully up and running. Or we can help you just with the steps you need – for example, managing your existing system on a day-to-day basis.

ESOS requirements fulfiled

Our Energy Management System includes all the necessary training and documentation you need to become ISO50001 compliant, which also automatically fulfils your ESOS requirements.

This can deliver significant cost and time savings – as there’s no longer any need to submit ESOS audits, gather data or project manage your ESOS submissions. ISO50001 also helps to ensure that any energy-efficiency recommendations an ESOS audit might propose are reviewed and acted upon, so potential savings are never wasted

ISO50001 in four steps

  • 1 Awareness
    An introduction to the ISO50001 process and requirements delivered at your site. Plus templates for the necessary documentation.
  • 2 Set-up
    The complete ISO50001 Energy Management System including: training, documentation and site audit . Plus an energy review and the physical set upof the system . We’ll also support the team engagement process necessary for you to become accredited.
  • 3 Consultancy
    Including an audit of each site you wish to become ISO50001 compliant, detailed expert advice on how the process works and an analysis of the documentation you have, along with templates of what you need.
  • 4 Manage
    An experienced Energy Manager to run your system remotely, updating your documentation, flagging necessary actions and facilitating regular onsite meetings and further audits as required.

Please note, while we can support you fully in developing your ISO50001 Energy Management System, we cannot guarantee accredition as the process also requires ownership and engagement from within your business. The assessment process for accreditation has to be carried out independently by an approved external ISO50001 assessor.

Carbon Psychology

Behavioural models, bespoke for your business, to positively influence staff engagement in energy efficiency activities and increase savings to the bottom line.


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