Carbon Psychology

Understanding staff behaviours around energy use, and how to most effectively improve them can have a significant impact on business energy savings.


Our unique approach to behaviour change is effective and often straight-forward. Using Carbon Psychology, we are able to analyse the behaviour of your staff and identify the most relevant interventions to ensure efficiency measures are adopted. Our scientific model combines insights from psychology and behavioural economics to provide you with a bespoke strategy that taps into the way different staff think and behave.

We do this by breaking down behavioural outcomes – for example, best practice, habit, mindset and culture – into constructs, which can be activated and manipulated in ways that influence energy-saving behaviour. These can range from bespoke programmed dashboards to the inclusion of behavioural cues to nudge employees into behaving in an energy efficient manner.

Key benefits

  • Analysis of your people’s behaviour to determine the most effective interventions to enhance energy efficiency.
  • A bespoke programme designed to work with – rather than in opposition to – your workforce’s psychological make-up.
  • The potential to produce quick and effective reductions in carbon emissions and energy consumption without requiring significant capital expenditure.
  • Tools to encourage energy-saving behaviours that staff are likely to establish and repeat.
  • A psychological profile of the workforce that can be useful for other purposes.
Find out more in our ‘The Power of Carbon Psychology’ report. (PDF, 8.56MB)

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