Financial Engineering

A specialist financial assessment from a team of expert accountants and engineers to determine the costs and payback periods for investment in energy efficiency measures.


Becoming more energy efficient will save your business money. But when you take a holistic approach to activate a major step change within your business, it’s inevitable that some investment will also be required.

We can work with you to determine the costs, including the detail required by your business’s finance professionals – net present value, internal rate of return, payback periods etc.

The key difference in the service we provide is that your financial assessment is not just done by accountancy experts, but also by engineers with experience in energy solutions. So when you blend the two, you get a thorough view that takes into consideration key technical aspects, such as the full life cycle of equipment and maintenance requirements, a rate of return that also looks at carbon reduction, and savings that take into consideration issues such as rising non-commodity costs.


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