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Two levels of Energy Management Services (EMS) audits to suit your business requirements, plus our EMS: Partnership service, to turn the outputs of your Site Audit into a deliverable strategy.


As part of our Energy Management Services, we offer two levels of audit; Snapshot which remotely examines your half-hourly data or Site Audit which involves on site visits. The audits will help you understand what is happening with your energy usage so that you can identify the largest potential saving opportunities. Some businesses want straight-forward desk analysis, and Snapshot, which uses a year’s worth of your half-hourly data delivers that, while Site Audit is a full audit, conducted on site, and offers an extremely detailed view of your energy, water and waste efficiency. The outputs of Site Audit lead into EMS: Partnership service, which give you a strategy that that not only drives savings, but could also support with new or existing ISO 50001 Accreditation.


Snapshot – the power of analysis to identify energy savings open/close

Snapshot is a powerful analytical tool that can help to identify how your business can save energy, simply by looking at your past consumption patterns. Using a year’s worth of Half-Hourly data, Snapshot examines your historic energy use in detail to determine patterns of efficient and extreme consumption. This can identify anomalies and then evaluate how much you can save through correcting these going forward, for example through low-cost measures such as behavioural change.

How Snapshot works

1: Snapshot uses a unique algorithm to analyse the total energy use at your site(s). This covers Half-Hourly consumption over the past 365 days, generating 17,520 different data readings.

2: This data is extracted from your billing history and plotted using a calendar-based model, looking at high and low frequency working periods compared to down times such as evenings, weekends and holidays.

3: From this, Snapshot can then identify which days and times have the most potential for savings.

4: It then quantifies this information into monthly savings. Usually these can be achieved by behavioural change – for example resolving scheduling issues or ensuring equipment gets turned off. But sometimes may require hardware upgrades/optimisation.

5: Finally, the software translates this information to build three scenarios for saving energy at your site. These, plus the other steps, are presented as part of a detailed final report.

Energy Management Services: Site Audit open/close

Our Site Audit level service conducts a thorough review of the opportunities for greater energy, water and waste efficiency in your business, to offer an extremely detailed view of your site(s) through an on site audit.

It identifies, prioritises and costs the most appropriate energy-saving measures. When you commission an EMS Site Audit, your consumption data will be analysed over an extended period to identify patterns, anomalies and opportunities for saving energy (power, natural gas and liquid fuel). It will also look at water and waste. An experienced engineer with expertise in energy saving will visit your site to conduct a thorough audit of these areas, including a detailed proposal of a sub-metering infrastructure tailored to your site, enabling you to optimise your energy management.

Moving towards Energy Management Services: Partnership open/close

Once the pre-analysis process and site visit is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report that will include:

  • A forecast for the overall cost-saving potential at your site(s)
  • A review of your existing consumption data over the previous 12 months, using specialist software algorithms to highlight savings opportunities at your site(s)
  • A prioritised list of potential energy, water and waste-saving projects
  • A detailed proposal on the most optimal sub-metering infrastructure for your site

The EMS: Site Audit works in conjunction with EMS: Partnership, which is split into two main areas:

  • An installation phase – this involves implementing an agreed sub-metering infrastructure and setting you up on our Intelligent Analytics Live platform, which can provide live data (-30 minutes). This ensures we can track against the savings targets we have committed to and monitor success effectively.
  • Energy saving measures, which fall into two main categories. You choose which measures you want to pursue:
    • Behavioural change – this incorporates our Carbon Psychology approach to ensure the measures we recommend are tailored to the specific mindsets and motivations of your different teams.
    • Technical projects – for example upgrading energy consuming equipment such as compressors, boilers, chillers etc.

Ongoing monitoring for savings open/close

Your EMS Site Audit report will also recommend the most appropriate metering infrastructure to enable you to collect consumption data and analyse it in sufficient detail to determine how best to increase efficiencies on an ongoing basis.

This will take into account your existing meters and collection technology, and provide access to sufficient data to ensure legal compliance (for example for ESOS reporting purposes).

Your report will also include the business case for taking action, including any capital expenditure required, and the savings and return on investment that can be expected over a five-year period.

Overall, a Site Audit provides an holistic overview of all your key utilities and is especially beneficial to any industry or commercial operation with an energy spend in excess of £250k per year.

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