Flexible Energy Purchasing

Our Product Features

To help you take advantage of more market opportunities in your flexible energy purchasing, npower offers a series of powerful features that complement our product range.

Flexible Energy Purchasing features

Unset/Reset open/close

With unset/ reset functionality, you can ‘unset’ a price you’ve originally bought against, then ‘reset’ it at a later date. This may be because you believe that price movements within the market provide an opportunity for you to obtain a more favourable final purchase price (the final price = original purchase price – unset price + reset price)

LEBA open/close

LEBA Indexation functionality is another way of buying forward. It allows you to place a baseload clip greater or equal to 1MW on the day-ahead LEBA (London Energy Brokers Association) index. This product feature allows you to obtain the average day ahead price within the month of delivery which reflects the supply and demand balance, rather than doing a baseload forward purchase.

N2EX open/close

The N2EX Auction Index is the clearing price from an exchange on the N2EX Day Ahead Auction Market. Launched in January 2011, this Index now handles significant volume and offers the opportunity to trade Peak as well as Baseload clips on an index for the first time in the UK market. N2EX was established by NASDAQ OMX Commodities and Nord Pool Spot in 2010 to create a UK energy exchange committed to building market liquidity, efficiency and transparency.

Spectron Closing Price open/close

The Spectron Closing Price is another way to purchase baseload and peakload volume, giving you greater flexibility. This feature allows you to purchase volume for specific periods at the advertised Spectrometer closing price published at the end of the day.

Rolling Purchasing Horizon open/close

A simple new way to extend your flexible contract that enables you to maintain purchasing continuity and provides the potential to take advantage of longer-term forward-buying opportunities. ‘Roll’ your contract forward in stages, without having to renegotiate a new contract or go through the time-consuming process of reviewing tenders.

Carbon Allowances open/close

Manage your carbon allocations and trade carbon credits on the open market to help cover a shortfall, avoid penalties, manage risk and potentially make financial gains.