Contract Lite

A market-leading product from npower

Contract Lite is a market-leading product from npower that provides the ideal solution to hedging your price risk over the longer term, while working within the constraints of a shorter-term contract.

Contract Lite works by providing you with a contract end date up to 15 years from the point of contract signature, with lighter termination clauses for the period beyond your standard term. The minimum standard ‘Firm’ term is three years, with a rolling six-month horizon to bridge into the extended ‘Lite’ term.

Contract Lite Framework

Key Features

  1. Contract: Long Term Contract up to 15 Years. Split into Firm Term and Lite Term
  2. Firm Term: Minimum 3 Years with a 6 month rolling horizon
  3. Lite Term: Light Termination Clauses apply. Mark to Market or Sleeving Options

Key Benefits

  • Longer-term hedging horizon - you can purchase your energy over a longer period, reducing your exposure to the risks of a rising market in the future.
  • Strategic Relationships - Contract Lite provides a framework to build longer-term strategic relations to maximise, for example, the additional benefits of available energy solutions.
  • Reduced termination obligations - you can realise the benefits of a more far-reaching hedging strategy, with the protection of reduced termination clauses should you choose to exit your contract in the Lite Term.

Suitable For

  • Minimum Annual Volume: 50GWh
  • Product Compatibility: Flexible Power Purchasing and Flex Power: Innovate
  • Tenor: 3 - 15 Years