Boy! We certainly had a busy day yesterday at Energy Live Expo, where more than 500 participants joined us at the QEII Centre in Westminster, London.


Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry gave a rousing opening address, highlighting the government’s ambition to “phase out coal in the UK by 2025” as well as creating “a global movement to take it off the grid altogether”.


While that’s good news for the environment, some businesses are concerned about future security of supply. Without enough dependable fossil fuel generation, how can we ensure supply will always continue to meet demand?


The answer is, by taking a smarter, more decentralised and flexible approach.


Businesses to become part of solution

Rather than sit back and continue consuming passively, hoping the powers that be will sort things out, businesses can actually become part of the solution to the UK’s successful transition to a secure, low-carbon energy future.


We’re talking about the growing energy management practice of Demand Side Response (DSR).


It’s a key area of interest among so many of our customers now. And it was the theme of our stand at Energy Live Expo, where we hosted a ‘DSR Clinic’, providing answers and solutions to the various energy-related ailments of the many business visitors we welcomed throughout the day.


Busting DSR myths

Our DSR expert Dan Connor was fully booked with one-to-one consultations, with other members of our Energy HQ DSR Delivery team also on hand to share specialist knowledge and insight.


Dan also busted some common myths around (DSR) in his full-to-capacity seminar.


Another key driver for interest in DSR is as a tool to offset growing energy costs. Yet while most businesses expect these to rise, very few have much idea by how much, or that the non-commodity element of bills is the key cause.


Predicting energy costs in an uncertain world

This topic was addressed by our energy market and risk management expert Ben Spry in his packed-out seminar Predicting energy costs in an uncertain world.


With so many factors to consider, having a robust and well-informed risk management strategy in place is key, to ensure you stick to your energy budget.


And if you’re unsure how much energy will be costing you in the decades ahead – or the possible cost-saving impact of effective purchasing and energy management measures – then visit our new Cost Predictor tool for a free forecast.


If you’d like to know more about DSR and how it can benefit your business, you’ll find a wealth of information and resources at our DSR Clinic hosted by Energy Live News.


Weather highlighted as key cost Winter concern

To coincide with Energy Live Expo, we are running a couple of Twitter polls @npower_nBS.


The first asks: With winter round the corner, which external factor are you most concerned about when it comes to the cost of energy?


Of four possible options – weather, nuclear availability, gas supply and currency fluctuations – so far, the 1000+ participants are favouring weather, followed by gas supply.


There’s still time to vote, as the poll closes later today – so visit our Twitter feed to have your say (and see the final result).


Identifying main DSR benefit

We’re also asking: What do you consider to be the main benefit of Demand Side Response?


From a choice of reducing bills, having a new revenue stream and Corporate Social Responsibility, the majority of poll participants are currently opting for reducing bills.


Again, the voting closes later today, so to add your views or see the final results, visit our Twitter feed.


For any further comments, or cost-related or DSR queries, you can always make contact with our team via