Smart meter installations are simple, speedy and fuss-free. And as Mark finds out, there’s no need to turn the house upside down when the engineer arrives.

Even better, once the Smart meter’s set up, it will help you track your energy consumption around your home. So if you have a temperamental TV or energy-eating fridge, you’ll be able to see just how much energy they’re getting through – in pounds and pence.

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Getting your Smart meter installed is simple

We’ll have to switch off your gas and electricity for about 30 minutes while we install your meter. Afterwards we’ll show you how everything works, including how to take readings using your nifty Smart Energy Display Screen. And while we’re there, we’ll carry out a safety check on your gas appliances, to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Once your Smart meter’s installed, you’ll have more much more control over your energy bills. But if you want to be super savvy with your Smart meter, you can find out more ways to maximise its potential here.