As we’re all shutting out the cold and getting cosy, it’s worth sparing a thought for people who feel cold not just in winter, but all year round.

npower and Macmillan Cancer Support are working together to help people living with cancer to stay warm.

Keep warm without worry

Nearly one in three people diagnosed with cancer say that when going through treatment they feel the cold more – and find it harder to keep warm, even in summer. They end up paying more for their bills, as they heat their homes for longer – an average of two months longer.

npower helps eligible customers by capping energy bills and writing off debt. After all, struggling to keep warm during winter months is only half of the concern.

So with the help of npower and Macmillan Cancer Support, people like Sandra, who would spend her days in bed with the heating off until her children came home, found her monthly electricity bill was less than half.

We don’t just help npower customers

npower and Macmillan’s Energy Advice Team offer guidance and support to anyone who has cancer – whether they’re an npower customer or not.

For over 14 years we’ve helped people living with cancer

npower have been working with Macmillan since 2004 and so far, through the partnership have helped over 37,000 families affected by cancer. A minimum amount of £1million has been committed each year to help people living with cancer stay warm.

To find out more including how you can donate to help people living with cancer to stay warm, visit