Boiling a full kettle, leaving appliances on stand-by and leaving the heating running all year round – are you losing hundreds of pounds a year by ignoring quick win energy-saving advice?

If so, you’re not alone.

According to our latest research which shines a light onto the nation’s energy consumption and behaviour, almost a third of bill-payers across the country admit they don’t try to lower their bills.

The poll of 2,000 bill-payers has identified the biggest misconceptions when it comes to saving energy in the home and the myths that could be adding to their bills, instead of lowering them.

We’re hoping that busting some of these common myths might help the nation become a little more conscious of their energy consumption.

How many of these myths do you believe?

Revealed: The 10 most commonly believed energy myths

1. A whopping four in five of us (81%) believe showers use less water than baths, but your power shower could be using up to 50 litres more than baths. A water-efficient shower head could save a household up to £195 a year.

2. Almost half (46%) of bill-payers think it’s cheaper to have the heating on low all the time, but having a room thermostat to adjust the temperature can save you up to £150 per year.

3. More than half (51%) of Brits believe Smart meters use electricity and will add to their bill, but you can save up to £21 a year by accurately monitoring your energy. Find out if Smart meters are any good according to our customers.

4. Two-fifths of us (43%) believe energy saving light bulbs will have little to no impact on our bill despite research revealing savings of up to £35 per year.

5. One in five (20%) Brits believe setting the heating to a slightly warmer temperature won’t make a difference to their bill, yet bill-payers could save up to £75 per year by reducing the temperature by just one degree.

6. Almost a fifth of us (19%) believe boiling more water than necessary doesn’t use more energy, a myth which could be costing you up to £36 a year.

7. 41% of Brits think charging a laptop uses the same amount of energy as a desktop, but you could save up to £17 a year by ditching your desktop.

8. Almost one in five (19%) Brits don’t think appliances use electricity when in standby mode, a myth which could be costing you up to £30 a year.

9. A fifth (21%) of the nation don’t think a long shower adds a significant amount more to their water bill, but just one minute less in the shower could save you up to £80 a year.

10. Almost one in five of us (18%) think a running tap uses less water than a bowl when washing up, but you could save up to £25 a year on your water bill by investing in a washing up bowl.

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