We know packing up your old home and moving into your new one can be incredibly stressful. You have plenty on your plate with moving admin, as well as working out where all of your things are going to go in your new house.

So, if you’re sweating at the thought of tackling your walk-in wardrobe, or feeling a bit woozy wondering how you’re going to deal with the dinner plates, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of room-by-room hacks to help make your move as smooth and painless as possible.

We’ve also made it simple to move your energy account to your new home – so don’t worry about changing your energy supplier – just pack us up and take us with you!

Keeping up with the kitchen

1. Instead of going through the faff of wrapping each individual plate in paper, buy some paper party ones and put them in between each plate. A super time-saver, and keeps your dinnerware in tip-top condition.

2. Wrap up sharp kitchen knives in newspaper, then put them into an oven glove to keep them all together.

3. If you don’t have stackable pots and pans you can still save space – use them as containers for smaller kitchen items. Your egg-timer should fit a treat!

4. Keep your pots and lids together by looping rubber bands over the lid handle and around the side handles.

Boxing up your bedroom

5. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them, and stuff your shoes with socks or other squishy items to save on precious box space.

6. Protect your mattress from any moving mess by wrapping a fitted sheet on either side. When you get to your new home, you can take them off and pop them into the washing machine. Easy peasy.

7. Invest in some vacuum seal bags –they can take loads of the bulkier items, like duvets and pillows, and “flat-pack” them. If you’re packing items from several bedrooms, write a label saying what each item is and who it belongs to, before packing it in the bag and sealing it.

8. Group clothes on hangers into batches of five and slide each batch into a dustbin liner. Your clothes are immediately ready to move, and protected at the same time.

Living Room Hacks

9. Use toilet paper rolls for loose cables, chargers and cords – thread them through and tape them securely to the side so they don’t move. Just don’t forget to label them with the equipment they go with, otherwise you could spend a long time trying to remember which cable goes where.

10. Even better, take a photo of the back of your entertainment devices so you can see the wiring setup. Pretty handy when you get to your new home and need to put it all those random wires back together.

11. Pack your pictures and mirrors upright – they’re far less likely to break this way than if they’re packed horizontally. Tape an “X across the glass to help prevent shattering, and add some cardboard guards to make sure they’re completely protected.

12. Avoid unnecessary heavy lifting, and stack books from your bookshelves in a rolling suitcase instead for an instant win.

The essentials

13. Don’t forget to pack an essentials kit so when you have all the basics with you when you reach your new house. Pack what suits your best, but here are some starters for ten to get you going:

      • Toiletries
      • Toilet paper
      • Towels and a fresh change of clothes
      • Important medication
      • All-purpose cleaner
      • Chargers
      • Coffee/tea
      • Your moving day documentation, as well as any important financial records and personal documents.

Pack your essentials box last, so it will be the first thing you pick up when you reach your new home!


One less thing to worry about

Take the hassle out of trying to find a new energy supplier – instead, just take us with you when you move.

Your account will stay the same and your tariff usually does too – if not, we’ll go through all our tariff options with you to help find you the one that suits you best. And now you can sort it out online up to 28 days before your move date, leaving you to focus on the more important things.

Like where the TV’s going to go in your new living room.